SkyKeeper® GONE


As air traffic continually increases,  CDM certification is becoming increasingly important however, it is a process that often isn’t within reach of medium sized airports. On the other hand, it is a process that has proven to be massively beneficial and even necessary in order to anticipate future air traffic flow. Where CDM is in place at major airports, airlines have seen huge operational and financial improvements as delays are minimized so are the costs associated to such delays. For this reason a solution must be deployed in order to benefit medium sized airports as well as airlines and other stakeholders.

Reversing the paradigm with SkyKeeper® GONE

Our Ground Operations and Network Exchanges (GONE) solution is aimed to provide airports with the Advanced ATC Tower certification and all stakeholders to reap the benefits. SkyKeeper® GONE enables users to anticipate movements by exchanging valuable information on the status of flights and aircrafts instantly and as early on in the process as possible, allowing stakeholders to manage traffic more efficiently at all stages, parking, taxiing, departing and arriving. The messages are shared with Network Managers (NM) so that precise and real-time information is used to manage traffic, avoiding unnecessary delays and allowing aircrafts to keep their departure slots. Where an airport is not CDM labeled, SkyKeeper® GONE enables airlines to to take things in their own hands and send the messages to the NM themselves.

A single HMI enables airlines to track aircraft turnaround time of its fleet, ground handling agents to input and share data instantly and on the go, and airports to supervise.

Our Commitment

An affordable, unique and mobile application providing Advanced ATC Tower certification in short term – one step closer to CDM certification.

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