PROAVIA journée annuelle 2018

December 14, 2018

We were pleased to attend PROAVIA’s journée annuelle (annual day) yesterday where we met many major actors in the ATM industry as well as promising startup companies.

It was a pleasure to talk about innovation in Air Traffic Management, with a common and shared objective: to optimize the range of ATM and airport related processes. A range of concepts and objectives were mentioned, including the use of automated processes and new technology for all stakeholders; the workforce, customers and the planet.

The biggest concern addressed yesterday, was the traffic increasing at a much faster rate than we can build infrastructures and everyone contributed with solutions to optimize capacity in different ways to prepare for the future. A massive thanks to the ENAC for the range of important research projects they have in place, along with their partners they are finding ways to optimize the management of air traffic and to integrate these in context.

Our contribution to optimization in the ATM industry is to increase runway capacity with our coupled AMAN/DMAN.

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