Proud Winners of the Passenger Experience Challenge in Athens!

December 23, 2019

Five of Innov’ATM’s talented engineers developped a solution within 48h to respond to the Passenger Experience Challenge, set by the organisers and hosts of the Digital Sky Challenge on 2-4 December at Athens International Airport. PAX KEEPER was announced as the winning solution during the SESAR Innovation Days awards ceremony on 4 December.

The Digital Sky Challenge was a an unmissable opportunity for engineers to get together and provide solutions to three key issues we are currently facing in the air transport industry – streamlining passenger experience, improving the environment and enhancing safety. The event was organised by SESAR JU and ACI Europe at Athens International Airport and led to great results, among which, our solution: PAX KEEPER.

PAX KEEPER tracks passengers that sign up to the service to optimize their travel experience and air movements. The advantages:

– Airlines optimise their time management by knowing their passenger whereabouts in the hours leading up to a flight or during stopovers, and by knowing how long it will take a passenger to arrive at the gate.

– Passengers are guided door to door with all the necessary information at their fingertips for a serene trip. A single app to guide them through the airport to their seat with details of the steps and itinerary leading up to their flight and the calculated time needed to navigate through the airport in order to arrive to their gate on time.

We’re proud of what was achieved within the 48h of the challenge and grateful that the solution was approved by the panel of judges. We’re excited to be able to optimize air transport with passenger tracking as well as flight tracking in our line of products and to enable our clients to have total airport management capabilities by combining landside and airside information in 2020.

For more information on our range of solutions, get in touch with the team by sending an email.

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