Harnessing ML for Advanced Accuracy and Operational Savings: Innov’ATM Garners Additional Predictive Times Using FlightAware Foresight

June 23, 2020

FlightAware and Innov’ATM announced today the availability of FlightAware’s flight position, flight status, and FlightAware Foresight™ capabilities within Innov’ATM’s airport collaborative decision making (A-CDM) tool, AirportKeeper®.  The partnership will enable Innov’ATM’s airport customers to have access to global flight tracking data within their solution to optimize accuracy and predictability of airport operations.

“The partnership between FlightAware and Innov’ATM is a big win for anyone in the aviation industry who is interested in saving time and money,” said FlightAware’s CEO Daniel Baker. “The accuracy of Foresight predictive times, paired with Innov’ATM’s domain expertise, will help airports more efficiently allocate constrained resources like gates and ground handling crews.”

AirportKeeper®, powered by FlightAware, will enable airport operations managers to optimize departures, arrivals, ground flows and resources management.

”Information and decision sharing with the right stakeholder at the right time is one of the key concepts in the A-CDM environment” said Innov’ATM President Stephane Bascobert. “FlightAware data and Innov’ATM machine learning algorithms can help airport operate more efficiently their constrained resources by anticipating where the aircraft will be avoiding potential future disruptions”.

Leveraging FlightAware Foresight, Innov’ATM will also garner marked improvements in their own products, resulting in measurable benefits to their customers. By feeding their machine learning models with Foresight data, Innov’ATM is able to reduce taxi time prediction error by 55%, which will translate into estimated savings of up to € 133,466 per day at the busiest airports. The results were published as a white paper by Innov’ATM, “Reducing operational cost with Innov’ATM / AI – Episode 1: Ground Holding time”.

About FlightAware:

FlightAware (www.flightaware.com) is the leader in providing real-time insights to the aviation industry. FlightAware collects, interprets and distributes real-time and historical flight information and, using ML and AI generates, predictive times that enhance the performance and accuracy of systems. We synthesize data from a variety of sources including our proprietary network of ADS-B ground stations of over 28,000 stations in over 195 countries, space-based ADS-B providers, commercial schedule providers, air navigation service providers in over 45 countries, VHF and satellite datalink, and many more.

With 15 years of aviation data and deep domain knowledge, FlightAware has created advanced machine learning models that can leverage what has happened in the past to predict what is going to happen in the future. With visibility and insights provided by FlightAware, customers achieve increased awareness, improved operational efficiency, and the assurance of a platform shared with all the largest players in the aviation industry. FlightAware’s services benefit anyone touching aviation, from the biggest manufacturers, through owners/operators and service providers, down to the individual traveler. As a trusted hub of accurate and actionable aviation data, FlightAware is central to aviation.

Press contact: Henna Haroon henna.haroon@flightaware.com
Phone: +1-713-622-9958
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/flightaware

About Innov’ATM:

Innov’ATM specializes in the development and implementation of solutions aiming at optimizing air traffic management, airport resources and the secure insertion of drones in the airspace using Artificial Intelligence algorithms. Innov’ATM is a trusted technology innovation company, subsidiary of Groupe ADP (Aéroport De Paris). From passenger tracking to resource management, from A-CDM web platform to Demand Capacity Balancing with what-if simulation tool to forecasting and revenue planning, we offer a comprehensive suite of airport solutions based on machine learning and AI algorithms.

Press contact: Gianmaria Giaconia – gianmaria.giaconia@innov-atm.com
Phone: +33 536477887
Twitter: @InnovATM
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/innov’atm/

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