Innov’ATM, the Toulouse-based ATM and UTM specialist, has been chosen by DSNA, the France’s primary Air Navigation Services Provider, as part of the U-Space Together program to implement its UAV traffic management solution on ROISSY CHARLES DE GAULLE, ORLY and 9 other general aviation airfields covering the major part of Île de France region.

Photo by Daniel Eledut on Unsplash

With more than 10,000 UAV operations each year in France and a growing number of UAS – Unmanned Aerial Systems – registered, DSNA launched the U-Space Together program in 2019, which aims to ensure that UAVs are inserted into airspace in a way that is safe, efficient, environmentally friendly and respectful of citizens.

According to Damien Brugne, Director of the UAS business unit at Innov’ATM: “Since 2017, we have been working hand in hand with air navigation services to identify the challenges posed by the growth of UAV activities in French airspace and to propose adapted and pragmatic solutions. Our ATM background and the agility of our structure have clearly been assets in this approach. We have always paid special attention to place operations before technology, and the operational field before theory. […] We are delighted to equip the Île de France and to continue implementing French U-Space within the U-Space Together program”.

The Innov’ATM solution has been in service since November 9, 2020 to manage Europe’s busiest airspace, both in terms of manned flights and UAV operations.  This complete solution for traffic management and UAV operations offers an ergonomic interface to air traffic managers. Risk assessment, validation of requests for flight authorizations, provision of aeronautical regulatory data and dynamic restrictions, communication with remote pilots and a global view of air traffic are simplified to optimize the safety and security of controlled airspace.

“The consortium of which Innov’ATM is the representative has been able to take over the airspace of the Paris airports with a convincing and already proven solution on ROISSY CHARLES DE GAULLE since 2017″, confirms Antoine Martin, DSNA’s New ATM Services Program Director. “It is with great enthusiasm that we are working with Innov’ATM to make U-Space a reality in France in the years to come.”

Innov’ATM has already emerged as an innovator in the field of UTM and anti-UAV. This Toulouse-based company, which recruits many technical and business experts, stands out for its agile, concrete and efficiency-oriented approach, putting technology at the service of air transport with pragmatism. “We are proud to have been selected by the U-Space Together program” confirms Amine Karray, co-founder and CEO of Innov’ATM. “Our collaboration with the DSNA on the creation of a fully operational U-Space architecture in France in 2023 is a challenge that excites our team and motivates us to keep on developing the innovations that will constitute the UTM of tomorrow”.

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