Total Airport Management

Deliver quality passenger experience and synchronize multiple operations seamlessly with the right planning and forecasting tools

AirportKeeper® Total Airport Management (TAM) brings together Airport operators along with all stakeholders, including aircraft operators, airport authority, the ANSP and ground handling agents in order to monitor and guide landside and airside operations jointly to ensure convergence. Using the right demand and capacity DCB tools and data to develop an Airport Operations Plan (AOP), stakeholders use proactive management methods and are able to work together to deal with emerging situations before they become problems.

The Key Benefits of AirportKeeper® Total Airport Management

Precise Information Sharing

Enhance collaboration and information sharing by integrating airside and landside performance data and providing the right information to the right stakeholders at the right time enabling them to prepare their operations and forecast accurately.

Save Time & Resources

Generate an AOP taking into account forecasted demands and capacity constraints (DCB) and automatically allocate resources accordingly. With an integrated dynamic Resource Management System (RMS) allocation of resources is continuously adjusted to the most efficient plan by taking into account real-time data and pre-defined rules.

Plan ahead accurately

Develop comprehensive What-If scenarios and forecasted plans with the Demand Capacity Balancing (DCB) module using fast business case-building and highly scalable modelling. Airports are able to deliver accurate schedule-based forecasts covering all time horizons, from hours ahead, to years ahead. With an extended look-ahead time to several years, airports enable pre-tactical decision making with alternative AOPs and enhanced Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM).

Evaluate and Improve operations based on predicted effects

Using the integrated KPI dashboard, monitor performance in real-time, adjust and improve operations with different scenarios based on specific Key Performance Indicators. Use post-ops analysis to adapt rules, process prioritization and airport configurations to different forecasted situations using data on past events, current events and predicted events.

Related Solutions

AirportKeeper® - Full Airport CDM

The Full Airport CDM is a solution that enables all types of airports to improve throughput and predictability, and manage resource allocation efficiently. Going beyond the A-CDM steps and ICAO guidance on A-CDM and ASBU recommendations with a real operator’s perspective, AirportKeeper® enables information sharing and taking shared decisions to manage potential disruptions. AirportKeeper® Full Airport CDM provides aggregated views of the status of the operational activities based on real-time data and estimation of timing through Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning algorithms.

AirportKeeper® - Advanced ATC Tower

The Advanced ATC TWR concept is a scalable solution that enables all types of airports to improve throughput and predictability, and manage resource allocation efficiently by implementing 4 Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) steps. This is done by sharing information between stakeholders and taking shared decisions to manage potential disruptions.

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