AirportKeeper® Advanced ATC TWR

Benefits of AirportKeeper® Advanced ATC TWR

  • Shared consolidated data
  • Mobility
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Post-ops analysis

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Advanced ATC TWR

Increase your airport capacity and predictability by optimizing relevant information sharing.

The future of the Air Travel Industry lays within the optimization of current processes and resources, through better communication and anticipation.

The Advanced ATC TWR concept is a scalable solution that enables all types of airports to improve throughput and predictability, and manage resource allocation efficiently by implementing 4 Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) steps. This is done by sharing information between stakeholders and taking shared decisions to manage potential disruptions.

The tool enables airports to exchange Departure Planning Information (DPI) and Flight Update Messages (FUM) with Network Manager (NM) and Air Traffic Control (ATC) to increase accuracy of traffic predictions and ensure flight plans are updated promptly for all stakeholders to share the same truth.

The Advanced ATC TWR process enables all operators to avoid constraints such as Calculated Take Off Time (CTOT) updates after pushback and taxiing operations, or ground handlers waiting for delayed flights.

Benefit from the Collaborative Decision Making concept with the key steps from A-CDM.


All stakeholders share accurate flight consolidated data on a single platform using the milestone approach, enhanced with calculated Variable Taxi Time (VTT) and automatic Target Off Block Time (TOBT) advice based on inbound flight updates.


Integrated alerts, messaging boards and automatization allow users to share and find relevant information easily and on-the-go for efficient allocation or re-allocation of resources.


Anticipate day operations with real-time updates of events and schedules communicated ahead of time, allowing for efficient planning.


Optimize operations and time performance by taking informed decisions through performance monitoring with the KPI dashboard, reports and the post-ops analysis.

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One single tool to provide relevant and guaranteed flight consolidated data and turnaround process to different users and stakeholders on-the-go.

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