Manage and protect your airspace and its access request safely and securely

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms applied to enable ANSPs to structure and control low-level airspace access and usage.

DroneKeeper® Benefits

Solutions designed to allow smooth and safe integration of drone operations in your controlled airspace.

Integrated and modular solutions enable you to manage and differentiate between collaborative and malicious drones in your airspace.

High-level standard, distribution algorithm and conformity rule engines allow a safe and secure solution to guarantee airspace sharing between drones and regular aviation.

DroneKeeper® Modules

DroneKeeper® CIF / FIMS

DroneKeeper CIF/FIMS is the unique and global solution that you need to structure and control your low-level airspace access and usage. DroneKeeper provides a suite of software components for airspace definition, access control workflow, airspace users communications and live monitoring of operations.

DroneKeeper® Pilots

DroneKeeper USP is the single platform required to manage all your drone operations. Discover the constraints for a given zone, mission or type of drone operation. Determine the complexity and authorizations required for all your future operations quickly and simply. Interact with the relevant authorities and much more.

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