Your U-space is bigger than you think

Manage and protect your airspace and its access request safely and securely. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms applied to enable ANSPs to structure and control low-level airspace access and usage.

DroneKeeper® CIF Benefits

Safety & Environmental protection

To ensure the safety of all airspace users operating in the U-space framework, as well as people on the ground.

DroneKeeper® CIF gives you the ability to make informed decisions meaning safety will never be compromised. By collating data from the appropriate sources, we provide single source point of truth on which informed decision making can be based. DroneKeeper CIF/FIMS will give you a single, cohesive view of the airspace you are responsible for, and all the aircrafts in it by respecting the privacy of citizens, and minimising the environmental impact


To provide a scalable, flexible and adaptable system that can respond to changes in demand, volume, technology, business models and applications, while managing the interface with manned aviation.

DroneKeeper® CIF’s proven technology can seamlessly be integrated with the existing data structures, workflows and procedures. Web platform, smartphone app, APIs are just some of the possible way of connecting

DroneKeeper® Modules

DroneKeeper® Pilots

DroneKeeper® Pilots is the drone mission preparation assistant for remote pilots.  DroneKeeper® Pilots centralizes all the data necessary for flight preparation for remote pilots in one intuitive, fast and practical tool.

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