The single solution for safe UAS Traffic Management

DroneKeeper CIF / FIMS is the complete solution for ANSPs to manage the safe insertion of drones in the airspace. Entirely customizable to respond to your needs and adapt to your processes, DroneKeeper CIF / FIMS provides all the services necessary to structure and control your low-level airspace. 

The Key Benefits of DroneKeeper® CIF / FIMS

Simplify your operations

DroneKeeper CIF / FIMS is a single solution incorporating the tools necessary to structure and control low-level airspace access and usage. DroneKeeper provides a suite of software components for airspace definition, access control workflow, airspace user communication and live monitoring of operations.

Customize your workflow

DroneKeeper CIF / FIMS is customizable and adapted to your operations. Our solution can reproduce your existing constraints and procedures to ensure drone operation compliance without having to change your collaborators’ workflow.

Optimize your procedures

Manage your airspace accurately with your existing procedures. DroneKeeper is integrated in your existing systems and tools, retrieving airspace data from outside system, consolidating and uniformizing incoming requests from airspace users to your actual system.

Ensure safe use of the shared airspace

Our solution is fully designed to allow smooth integration of drones operations in your controlled airspace for complete situational awareness. High-level standard, distribution algorithm and conformity rules engines allow a safe and secure solution to guarantee airspace sharing between drones and regular aviation.

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