Easy, clear and conform airspace access request for professional drone operators

DroneKeeper Pilots is the single platform required to manage all your drone operations. Discover the constraints for a given zone, mission or type of drone operation. Determine the complexity and authorizations required for all your future operations quickly and simply. Interact with the relevant authorities and much more.

The Key Benefits of DroneKeeper® Pilots

Respect Rules & Regulations Easily

Ensure compliance of your operations with all local rules and regulations simply with the DroneKeeper Pilot solution. All regulations are available on the app and are automatically taken in consideration when you plan a flight.

Manage your operations efficiently

Use DroneKeeper Pilots for better situational awareness; with a simple click on the map, visualize constraints and restrictions, find the relevant authorities, contact them directly from the app and request flight authorizations directly from the platform.

Save Time & Money

DroneKeeper Pilots enables you to plan your operations efficiently with automated processes. Fill all key information including, drones, pilots, licences and more in one place and simplify declarations and authorization requests.

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