Minimize delays and costs with accurate data on your fleet

Enabling Air Navigation Service Providers to manage the flow of arriving, departing and taxing aircrafts to optimize the use of available Air Traffic Management (ATM) resources, such as runways and airspace. To achieve this goal, SkyKeeper® uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in any runway configuration and multi-airport environments to accommodate and maximize capacity keeping high safety levels

FlyKeeper® Benefits

By  supervising all airborne and ground operations, FlyKeeper allows to monitor the fleet and predict disruption in advance.

FlyKeeper enables you to assign resources efficiently to maximize airline profitability, taking into account the many different factors that affect the process.

The FlyKeeper cloud web portal is available to use on-the-go on multiple devices 

Real-time monitoring, post-ops analysis and forecast allows to manage adverse conditions and take shared decisions to optimize fleet allocation through an instant messaging system.

Several AI & ML algorithms have been developed to help network managers (in strategic phase) and fleet operations managers (in real time) to resolve issues linked to strategic optimization or real time flight disruption.

FlyKeeper helps to perform the optimization on an O&D basis in order to explicitly model passenger flows across the network. Using this approach, capacity is assigned and revenue is managed according to the same information. 

FlyKeeper® Modules

FlyKeeper® Hypervisor

FlyKeeper® Hypervisor enables Airlines to benefit from the information sharing process of Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) by instantly collecting and sharing vital data on the turnaround process of their aircraft. It enables flight dispatchers to obtain key up-to-date information in order to increase accuracy of traffic predictions and ensure the fleet and other resources are utilized in the most optimal manner.

FlyKeeper® Total Fleet Management

FlyKeeper® Total Fleet Management is a holistic tool that enables Airlines to have an accurate view of flight schedules and more importantly, it is a decision making tool that enables Airlines to plan ahead by providing solutions to avoid disruptions as early as possible. It is a single tool that incorporates information from as many different sources as necessary in order to paint the most accurate picture in one place, providing consolidated data and solutions to optimize fleet management.

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