Total Fleet Management

Deliver quality passenger experience and manage daily operations seamlessly with the right planning and forecasting tools

FlyKeeper® Total Fleet Management is a holistic tool that enables Airlines to have an accurate view of flight schedules and more importantly, it is a decision making tool that enables Airlines to plan ahead by providing solutions to avoid disruptions as early as possible. It is a single tool that incorporates information from as many different sources as necessary in order to paint the most accurate picture in one place, providing consolidated data and solutions to optimize fleet management.

The Key Benefits of FlyKeeper® Total Feet Management

Save time and resources

Respond to NM feedback on flight plans instantly via direct connection to the Flight Plan Optimization Tool. Use the Resolution Centre to analyze, compare and choose modifications suggested by FlyKeeper® TFM in order to optimize the flight plan and ensure Network Manager (NM) validation.

Predict upcoming events

Use the Fleet Alerting Rule Engine to define your rules and receive alerts in order to manage constraints, such as weather and capacity, in advance and limit the impact on flights and schedules. Manage resources efficiently with alerts on passenger numbers, aircraft and airport changes in order to allocate the right resources such as aircraft capacity and crew members.

Resolve efficiently

The Resolution Center provides suggestions, solutions and alternatives to all identified issues and alerts in order to optimize planning in a cost efficient manner and improve day operations continuously.

Use accurate data

Provide passengers the best experience with our PAX Tracking function connected to your passenger data system to enable better communication and better situational awareness. Make informed decisions with information on passenger whereabouts, status and scheduled connections.

Real-time visualization

Use the Flight Tracking and Map View to visualize and track your fleet in real-time and anticipate changes. Use the Movement Control View to visualize and resolve passenger connection failure alerts swiftly.

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