SkyKeeper® Coupled AMAN DMAN


The objectives of an Arrival Manager (AMAN) and a Departure Manager (DMAN) is to provide electronic assistance in the management of the flow of arriving and departing traffic, respectively, in a specific airspace, to particular points, such as runway thresholds or metering points. The aim is to sequence air traffic in order to respect separation standards between aircrafts and allow as many flights as possible to land whilst ensuring safe and secure use of the airspace.

Typically, when managing air traffic, the AMAN is prioritised over the DMAN which places departures where it can in the gaps through the AMAN sequence. As a result, traffic is not distributed evenly which is difficult to adapt in real time. In some situations, AMAN and DMAN are combined on a single screen, enabling easy visualisation however, the AMAN remains master and DMAN slave, just like an ordinary split AMAN DMAN.

Going further with a true SkyKeeper® coupled AMAN DMAN

Our solution is a truly coupled AMAN-DMAN enabling runways to be used in mixed mode by sequencing arriving and departing traffic together to create the most optimized sequence, taking into account peeks of both arriving and departing traffic.

Our Commitment

We use Artificial Intelligence to increase runway capacity by 20-50% with SkyKeeper Coupled AMAN-DMAN (depending on the nature of traffic and current situation)

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