SkyKeeper® SMAN


A Surface Manager (SMAN), when combined with Airport CDM allows users to calculate and sequence the shortest taxi routes and deconflict aircrafts in real time. For Air Traffic Management, its algorithms for outing and guidance can be integrated into an Advanced-Surface, Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS) to implement Level 3.

Commonly, Variable Taxi Times are used, an estimate for all aircrafts moving from or to the aprons is a considerable drawback to this type of tool as aircrafts end up having to deal with traffic in real time, stopping to give way to other aircrafts or to wait for access to the runway, wasting precious time, fuel and increasing associated costs.

Our Commitment

Air traffic data is used to calculate accurate ground movements and routes in order to optimize taxiing times and provide deconflicted ground routes. SkyKeeper® SMAN reduces taxiing time by up to 30% by using our Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

A dynamic SkyKeeper® SMAN

Our dynamic Surface Manager is optimized in real time and integrates forecast of aircraft movements and the overall situation of the airport as well as information from all moving aircraft. This dynamic calculation method enables the determination of precise taxiing times while strengthening DMAN information (enhancing overall aircraft punctuality) Using Dynamic Taxi Times to provide accurate and specific data for each flight, it provides air traffic controllers, a similar service as GPS navigation apps used by car-drivers:

  • Taxiing scenarios taking into account the traffic on the airport;
  • Automatic updates of the taxiing scenarios and their associated times, integrating real time situational evaluations (traffic congestion, taxiway unavailability, …);
  • Enriched visualization for the controller.
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