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Enabling Air Navigation Service Providers to manage the flow of arriving, departing and taxing aircrafts to optimize the use of available Air Traffic Management (ATM) resources, such as runways and airspace. To achieve this goal, SkyKeeper® uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in any runway configuration and multi-airport environments to accommodate and maximize capacity keeping high safety levels.

SkyKeeper® Benefits

Reduced mental stress and workload with reliable decision-making tools providing accurate sequences ahead of time.

Optimize runway operations with real-time KPIs to monitor traffic and identify opportunities for improvement.

The Smart What-If tool allows ATCOs to probe a variety of situations, such as a drop of capacity, runway configuration changes, alternative separation times and more to analyze and minimize the impact on actual and forecasted airport traffic.

Increase runway throughput whilst maintaining high safety levels with Artificial Intelligence optimized sequences that take into account standards, flight priority management and smart rules.

Limit environmental impacts by cutting out unnecessary fuel consumption and noise

Advanced algorithms provide advice such as holding, speed, level, route or heading changes to support ATCOs in their decision making.

Based on user best practices, the tool is intuitive and adaptable to the needs of ATCOs.

SkyKeeper® Modules


Increase predictability, reduce delays, maximize capacity.
Arrival Manager, Departure Manager and Surface Manager (AMAN-DMAN-SMAN) are sequencing tools leveraging on advanced trajectory predictions to optimize runway throughput. It enables ATCOs to improve their situational awareness and to anticipate flow of traffic. In mixed mode runway configuration, the coupled AMAN-DMAN allows for optimization of the arrival and departure sequence.

Client Testimonial

Daniela Steiner

Daniela Steiner


“The solution provided ATCOs with a dynamic tool to permit a constant and precise use of the full RWY capacity by optimizing the sequence of traffic flows (ARR and DEP) using AI algorithms.”

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