Optimize airplane and drone operations
with Artificial Intelligence
Use Artificial Intelligence to share, plan, forecast,
protect and optimize all air traffic operations

Air Traffic Management

Air Traffic Management is a complex industry involving different stakeholders and operations coming together in order to ensure the safe execution of arrivals, departures and turnaround processes.

Innov’ATM optimizes processes for ATC, Airports and Airline Operators with advanced forecasting prediction model algorithms and ad hoc optimisation algorithms. Our innovative solutions increase efficiency and reduce workload and stress by anticipating events and producing relevant information.

UAS Traffic Management

The industry of drones is relatively new and growing rapidly, Unmanned Aircraft Systems have many different roles including surveillance, transport, inspection, image capture an more. Innov’ATM ensures the safe insertion of drones in the airspace.

We provide a collaborative drone management solution to manages flight plans and  authorizations in strategic and tactical phase addressing all U-Space services.

Unfortunately, UAS can also represent a threat in certain circumstances. We provide complete UAS detection and neutralization solutions to protect sensitive sites and respond appropriately to threats.

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Innov’ATM confirme son développement en Afrique

Innov’ATM confirme son développement en Afrique

Lors du salon SHIELD AFRICA 2021, nous avons présenté AirSpaceKeeper, notre innovation pour la lutte anti-drone. Après le voyage avec la délégation officielle française accompagnant le Président Emmanuel Macron au Rwanda, Amine Karray, CEO d'Innov'ATM et Damien...

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BigSky operational at CDG Airport

BigSky operational at CDG Airport

What BigSky is offering to Charles De Gaulle Airport ?   The SNA RP CDG provides air traffic control services which mainly includes the aerodrome and approach control service for CDG but also all or part of approach control for the other sites such as Le Bourget...

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