Ensures the integration of drones into the healthcare ecosystem


Ensures the integration of drones into the healthcare ecosystem

drones in medical logistics

drones in medical logistics

Incorporating drones into the logistics of hospitals and laboratories paves the way for the transformation of the medical transport industry. This breakthrough presents a unique opportunity to use drone technology in healthcare, contributing to the wellbeing of patients.

Imagine drones in medical logistics, a revolutionary solution that is both innovative and environmentally friendly, that has the potential to safely transport blood bags, lab samples, vaccines and medication.

discover dronemed

discover dronemed

DroneMed offers you a safe and efficient medical drone delivery solution that includes….

what are the benefits of drone medical delivery ?

what are the benefits of drone medical delivery ?

Saving time

Of transportation in an emergency situation.

optimizing the medical supply chain

by ensuring regular delivery

connecting remote healthcare facilities

within minutes

Reducing the carbon footprint

of delivery operations

We handle every aspect of medical drone delivery operations

Would you like to safely insert drones into your medical logistics or open a U-space for your lab samples transportation?  


Our mission is to merge medical drone technology with your existing logistics chain. We analyze your needs to provide a tailor-made solution, making this transition smooth. Delegate your medical drone deliveries operations to the experts, so you can dedicate your time to your patients.


We take over the whole project: from study to implementation, all the way through daily operations.

Entrust your medical drone delivery project to experts

Since 2014, Innov’ATM has specialized in air traffic management providing innovative solutions. This has allowed airports and airlines to push the boundaries of efficiency and safety in their operations, guaranteeing passengers a safe and peaceful journey to their destination.

In 2017, we leveraged our expertise to secure low-altitude airspace and drone operations. Today, we are a key player in the sector, and one of our objectives is to guarantee the safety of medical drone transport, so that blood bags, vaccines, and lab samples arrive on time for the benefit of patients.

medical drones V.S car delivery:

medical drones V.S car delivery:

3 times less

transport time when using drones

94% less energy consumption

per parcel delivered

85% reduction in greenhouse

gas emissions per parcel