What IS BigSky offering to Charles De Gaulle Airport ?

The SNA RP CDG provides air traffic control services which mainly includes the aerodrome and approach control service for CDG but also all or part of approach control for the other sites such as Le Bourget or Beauvais.


In order to best support the operational supervisor in managing air traffic in the most dense and complex area in Europe, Innov’ATM was mandated by the SNA RP to develop the BigSky solution.


A real data exchange platform between all CDM players at Paris CDG, BigSky offers the operational supervisor a high-performance and ergonomic tool to monitor the smooth running of operations in real time, by consolidating and merging all the data for operated flights.


Multiple and heterogeneous, the information managed by the platform is continuously updated at least every minute, and consolidating and merging in particular:

– data coming from the Network manager

– local airport data from the CDM system

– the volume of traffic according to predefined flows

– data associated with flight plans from the local FDPS system.




Then, BigSky presents this consolidated and synthetic information through a list of departing and arriving flights, allowing immediate access to all flight data for the day of operations.

In order to better supervise and anticipate operational hazards, the BigSky platform computes a set of performance indicators updated in real time and generates relevant alerts allowing the operational supervisor to make the best decisions as soon as possible in order to minimize the impact of unforeseen events on operations.

Specialized in the development of complex solutions in Agile mode, Innov’ATM has adapted this methodology to the specific context of the development of ATM solutions with its required level of software assurance.

As close as possible to end users, this controlled development process makes it possible to deliver incremental versions to the SNA RP on a regular basis.

In February 2021, BigSky version V1.2, with many advanced features, was operationalized only 6 months after the launch of the project: First time for the commission of an ATM Solution !