Intership - Software Engineer M/F

Intership, 6 months, Full time

job description

Internship subject:

AirportKeeper is software intended for airports to optimize the management of their resources.

This software contains an IAM (Identity and Access Management) module.

This module contains a database:

  • customers with the modules to which they have access
  • users as well as all access permissions to each module.

When we want to add a module to a client, we must go through IAM.

When a user connects to a module (AIS, SCH, RMS, SMAN), he checks from IAM if the user exists and if he has access to this module and lets it log in this case.

Today IAM does not have a graphical interface. Which means we have to manage clients, database users directly or via data_loader.

The objective of the proposed internship is to develop this graphical management interface customers and users:

  • customer list
  • user list
  • editing / creation of new clients / users

Secondly, this graphical interface could become the portal unique access to AK, a sort of portal which gives access to the different modules to which the customer has subscribed (in DronePortal mode).


  • Doing higher education in engineering specialized in aeronautics (ENAC, ISAE-Supaéro, etc.) or in IT (BAC +5), you have knowledge in software development (Java for the back and React for the front).
  • Fluency in professional English is a plus.


Team spirit before anything

Tea and Coffee unlimited

Chitchats around croissants and “chocos”

Holidays vouchers

Restaurant vouchers to enjoy your lunch time

Year-round entertainment activities

Transportation participation

An advantageous CSE


Type of contract: Intership
Start date: as soon as possible
Compensation: according to convention
Site : Remote work and office : ZI Toulouse-Francazal – 15 rue Alfred Sauvy – 31270 CUGNAUX

what's in it for you ?

  • You will have the opportunity to work from home (Wednesday and Friday).
  • You’ll be part of a team made up of specialists in their field, and will be confronted with the day-to-day use cases of air traffic professionals.
  • You’ll gain a rare insight into the development of air traffic management solutions through our products and our exchanges with the players involved.
  • You will participate in the growth of a start-up with an ambitious and realistic project.
  • You’ll benefit from many advantages that contribute to the well-being of the company’s employees.